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English quotes from books – API with 3000+ sentences

API structure

Dear everyone, today Hà Mã Tím released version v1.0 of API 3000+ English quotes from books in English…

After a few days of cultivation (really broke my arm, I couldn’t do much) Hà Mã Tím decided to study continuously. From the new year until now, about 2 months ago, Hà Mã Tím learned from Flutter, Serverless, Micro Services, etc. To keep my knowledge from being lost and to gain more.

It is said that if you study, you should act. Today Hà Mã Tím built an API. Contains about 3000+ English quotes from famous writers’ books. With minimalist Endpoint and more updates. I want to share it with the community.

My API Gateway Structure
My API Gateway Structure

API is operated by Lamda of Amazon. DataSet is just a json file containing English citations stored in S3. So there is nothing to explain and it can run well.

You only need to send a request to https://api.hamatim.com/quote, you will receive a response immediately in JSON format. The mockup is as follows:

  "text": "\u201cPaul, Paul, this is the claim you never made, the fervor you never showed. You were so cool and light, so        elusive, and I never felt you encircling me and claiming possession. Rango is saying all the words I wanted to hear you        say. You never came close to me, even while taking me. You took me as men take foreign women in distant countries whose        language they cannot speak. You took me in silence and strangeness.\u201d",
  "author_img": "https://images.gr-assets.com/authors/1468617897p2/7190.jpg",
  "id": "b'26834f3fdc4ea1a58db76f71677ff131'",
  "book": "The Four-Chambered Heart: V3 in Nin's Continuous Novel",
  "author": "Ana\u00efs Nin"

Currently only about 3000 sentences, Hà Mã Tím will update more. In the near future, Hà Mã Tím will also update CamBook into a reader with more of books.

This is the upcoming GitHub page that will contain all of my APIs: https://logicmteam.github.io/quote-api/

Hope my little work can contribute to someone

Hà Mã Tím, 12:34 13/03/2019

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