Advance use Pomodoro Smart Timer with Automate

Pomodoro Smart Timer support Automate so you can use with very complex task.In this tutorial, I show you have to blink you flash when Pomodoro work session finish.

1. To use Automate, you have to install it first:

From CH Play:

From APK:

2. Here is the screenshot step by step

– Launch Automate after installed

– Navigate to community

– Search my pre-defined module for flash blinking and download it

– After downlaod it, you will see it on Automate main screen list, let tap it and give it permission to control the flash of camera

– After that, you need go to it detail, just tap

– You tạp in the begin block and scroll down to copy the Flow URI (just tạp on it to copy)

– Now exit the Automate. open Pomodoro Smart Timer and paste you Automate Flow URI.Remember to enable Automate.

– Remember to save you config, now you can click TEST to verrify that you config is correctedYou device flash should blinking

Now you done, when work session start, you flash will blinking, it you need other event let paste the Automate Flow URI to the box.

3. Note

You can try to edit the Automate flow to understand it, I just create a basic.But once you understand how to use it, you can define and you with your Pomodoro Smart Timer to perform very complex task.Let do it Smart!