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Hà Mã Tím, introduce myself, a computer enthusiast


About Hà Mã Tím

Dear my friend, I’m Thanh, my nickname is Hà Mã Tím, a computer enthusiast. ^_^ You can call me as a newbie or junior. I never matter that.

Although I’m an IT person, I do not spend all my time with it. I am a freelancer so I never have a clear schedule (can be used to justify poor time management skills). I like it (looks professional).

Hà Mã Tím's painting
My painting

I think my life is really bad if I just live in a copy style from others 🙂 so I do not think I can be neat or plow to learn as some friends around. I let myself decide on my work habits (although it’s a little messy and lazy :)). The fact is that most of my experience comes from reading and practicing, not from university.

I just live calm and calm, do not like bon chen or try to show. I want to go everywhere (but I never promised that) to help others with my knowledge.

Maybe so now I have not got a lover. Because I’m not good at flirting or expressing my feelings. If you could understand me (like my best friend) … my conversation lasted many years, I was still there, whenever my friend texted, we would continue to talk like new by. And maybe even a larger part, which I still have no own assets yet. : so i do not think too much about love …

(I will continue to write another day…)
Today, 03/06/16 Hà Mã Tím wrote.

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