How to Be Happy?

In the modern economic world, if you have right mindset about money, you’ll be happy. No matter how much money you can earn.

What is Money?

Money is tool.

According to Wikipedia: “Money is any item or verifiable record that is generally accepted as payment”. In short, money is a tool for exchanging services or goods.

Because money is tool, not is magic, there are things it can do and things it cannot. You can use money to buy the girl’s body, but it is no way to buy her love.

Why do I have to earn Money?

To upgrade my standard of living.

Because money is a tool for exchanging services or goods. So the easiest way to upgrade my standard of living that is focus in my sharpest skill to work for money.

After that I use those money to exchange some services or goods such as traveling, going to bar, buying new car,…

Can I live without money?


If you feel enough with currently standard of living. Or you can upgrade it with other tool instead of money. Why I have to go to company to work for salary?

According to the section above, if you are living in forest, you can make yourself goods, you can have yourself garden,… and your still have the life others wishing for.

But because it is not easy for me, I can not plant a tomato, I not have enough effort to build my house,… So I have to use the easiest way to do it. You known it.

Why does most people want to be rich?

Because our happiness is different.

People have many interests, hobbies, but many people was educated (brainwashing) to working for money and become a good worker or a good slave to the ruling class.

Maybe it’s because their environment motivates them to do that. I don’t know what it’s like in your country, but in my country, the most often question people ask others is “How much is your salary?”. Why do they never ask “Are you happy?”?.

Many mothers want their children have a good jobs and compare the salary with others. I wonder how kids can follow their passion when their only goal is to find higher salaries than their friends?

Maybe it’s your mission, you have to have a lot of tool to help more people. Help many people find reason to live. If you not have much money, your awesome project which can change the future of the world will be shutdown.

In a nutshell, according to your choices, you and I begin a life from zero and move into the afterlife with zero. We have the right to choose how fulfill our life. To be happy by own way.

How to be Happy?

Money is tool. Life is your choose.