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If you are an office worker, you should try Pomodoro

1. What is Pomodoro?
Pomodoro (Pomodoro Technique) is a method of managing time to focus fully on work recommended by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s.

In Italian Pomodoro means tomato. The reason is that Francesco Cirillo used a tomato clock to track the time when creating this method.

2. Why Pomodoro method is useful?
2.1. Prevent stress
Breaking down the time to focus and rest a little helps the brain from overheating, similar to taking deep breaths to calm down.

Nature has a biological cycle, so the human brain also tends to adapt and process things which has cycles quickly. So it is much easier for us to absorb a long song than to memorize a short paragraph.

Or the daily routine is also the cycle, you feel it is very easy to do it. The sign is that you will see time pass more quickly.

“when each day is the same as the next, it’s because people fail to recognize the good things that happen in their lives every day that the sun rises” – The Alchemist — Paulo Coelho –

A session of working is often filled with random and non-cyclical events, If you have to work constantly, your brain will be overloaded and your brain feels like it is melting.

The Pomodoro method helps you to pack random events into small chunks, creating cycles out of things that don’t have a cycle. From there your brain will adapt extremely gently and always be ready.

This article is also written in 2-sentence paragraphs, helping to create a cycle that helps you reduce reading fatigue. Do you realize it or not?

2.2. Prevent eyestrain
Office workers, especially designers and developers, often focus significantly on screens. And the blue light from the screen, close to the ultraviolet spectrum, is very harmful and causes eye strain.

Developer can use the blue light filter to solve it easily. But Designers can’t, they have to use standard color screens and high brightness to design.

Resting accumulates an enzyme that helps restore eye cells, an antioxidant molecule called alpha tocopherol, a form of vitamin E, it reduces damage caused by blue light and prevents cell death.

2.3. Prevent and reduce distractions
Currently, the internet bandwidth is very fast and many services, social networks, … are causing a great distractions. Many people can spend all day just to watch Youtube, TikTok, and Facebook.

And what’s more frightening is that they can actively touch you. By collecting personal data, they can easily understand the behavior of the majority of people in a crowd. Facebook just sends a notification “Today you have an anniversary …” to 100 people, no less than 80 people will waste their day.

Whoever you are, you cannot have more than 24 hours a day. Live more than 100 years. And life and time are your own, you are responsible for it, you cannot borrow and you cannot stop it from passing.

3. How to perform Pomodoro?
You divide your work time into short chunks, add small break in between them. Usually 25 minutes for concentration and 5 minutes for breaks.

After completing some concentration sessions, you need to give your brain a reward, which is a longer rest session. Usually 15 minutes.

4. Tools that help to perform Pomodoro?
You can try the Pomodoro Smart Timer made by Hà Mã Tím, which himself uses. If it doesn’t, you can also find another:

Pomodoro Smart Timer supports custom background sound (which is very important) you can manually load a Yoga sound, ASMR to help brain focus better.

Hope this article is useful!