StartApp and the first cents from ViasDial …

Thống kê của StartApp

The first cent (coin) …

There are 6 days since Hà Mã Tím wrote Bước đầu chạy quảng cáo StartApp và InMobile trên Vias Dial. article. Now, my ads had 258 impressions and 15 clicks, an eCPM amount of $ 1.7/1000 times. The number is too small, but it is larger than 0 to infinity of times.

StartApp analytics about my ads
StartApp analytics about my ads

Indeed, Hà Mã Tím feel very comfortable, there are many directions open before the eyes. While AdMob is still struggling to review before approval, StartApp has real money.

When Pandora’s Box … explodes

With Hà Mã Tím, the Pandora box here is your own knowledge. I did not achieve because I did not know, no precedent or yet tried.

Pandora's Box
Pandora’s Box

Hà Mã Tím heard that Pandora contains ghostly things. But Hà Mã Tím thinks it also contains miracles …

Hà Mã Tím is thinking of me taking the first step. The next few steps, can be very difficult, but not impossible. If you are reading this do not forget to like Hà Mã Tím fan page to hear Hà Mã Tím talk about the process that Hà Mã Tím do it. Real people with real stories. Hope it can help more or less for new friends who want to have a better life.

Is StartApp the last option? …

Of course not, because the Hà Mã Tím has not tried AdMob and InMobile yet. One should not put eggs in the same basket.

When Hà Mã Tím was approved by AdMob, Hà Mã Tím will write a new article, telling AdMob story for everyone.

Now, Hà Mã Tím must update Taho next, Hà Mã Tím believes that Tahoe will be successful and valuable.

On 18/12/2018, Hà Mã Tím wrote.

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