What Is BR Mode In Free Fire?

‘What is BR Mode in Free Fire?’ is what many new players of the game have been asking. Learn about the Battle Royale Mode in Free Fire and more.

Garena Free Fire is one of the most popular online multiplayer shooting games with a big player base. Free Fire is a mobile application that has become a lot more popular since PUBG was banned in India.

It has many game modes that players can try out such as Battle Royale Mode where 50 players play 10-minute rounds. They also have other modes such as 4v4 and Squad Battles. Many players want to learn what is BR Mode in Free Fire.

1. What is BR Mode in Free Fire?

BR Mode in Free Fire is the Battle Royale mode, which is the main game mode that players will try out in this game. Whenever the game says that events are available in BR mode, that means the players need to go to the Battle Royale Mode in Free Fire.

BR mode in Free Fire can be played in 2 ways, one is classic and the other is ranked mode. Classic is free for all mode, where all types of players can join. Rank Mode is a progression mode where players will be put against other players with a Similar BR rank.

Many players don’t know the BR rank meaning. BR rank meaning is that players receive a BR rank when they start the ranked mode, after that they need to progress further in the ranks to battle more difficult players.

2. Garena Free Fire Update: Project Cobra

Check out the patch notes for Project Cobra in Garena Free Fire below:

  1. Map-Based Store
    • Store Adjustment for Clash Squad
    • Two sets of stores will be available:
    • Bermuda / Bermuda Remastered Store
    • Kalahari Store
  2. New Item – Mystery Box
    • Available for Clash Squad – Casual Only
  3. Vending Machine Update
    • Item and Pricing Update for Casual and Rank
    • New Item – UAV-Lite now available in the vending machine.
    • Adjusted the tokens available on the map.
    • Vending Machine price adjustment.
  4. New Item – UAV-Lite
    • Available in Classic (Casual & Ranked)
    • Personal UAV available in the vending machine.
  5. New Item – War Chest
    • Available in Classic (Casual & Ranked)
  6. New System – Revival Point
    • Activating the Revival Point will revive the entire squad.
  7. New Item – Revival Card
    • New Item – Revival Card now available in the vending machine.
  8. New Mini-Games Available
    • New Shooting Range
    • Bunny Race
    • esports Hall of Fame
    • Ferris Wheel
    • Gloo Wall Training.
    • New Item – Fancy Hammer now available.
    • New Item – Giant Dice now available. 

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