What is Survivorship Bias?

Survivorship bias is a tendency to get carried away by a rare success story without considering similar examples of failure. Everyone loves the story of a survivor or a winner. Nobody cares about the person who failed.


What Is BR Mode In Free Fire?

‘What is BR Mode in Free Fire?’ is what many new players of the game have been asking. Learn about the Battle Royale Mode in Free Fire and more. Garena Free Fire is one of the most popular online multiplayer shooting games with a big player base. Free Fire is a mobile application that has become a lot more popular…

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How to Be Happy?

In the modern economic world, if you have right mindset about money, you’ll be happy. No matter how much money you can earn.

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English quotes from books – API with 3000+ sentences

Dear everyone, today Hà Mã Tím released version v1.0 of API 3000+ English quotes from books in English… After a few days of cultivation (really broke my arm, I couldn’t do much) Hà Mã Tím decided to study continuously. From the new year until now, about 2 months ago, Hà Mã Tím learned from Flutter, Serverless, Micro Services, etc. To…

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Thống kê của StartApp

StartApp and the first cents from ViasDial …

The first cent (coin) … There are 6 days since Hà Mã Tím wrote Bước đầu chạy quảng cáo StartApp và InMobile trên Vias Dial. article. Now, my ads had 258 impressions and 15 clicks, an eCPM amount of $ 1.7/1000 times. The number is too small, but it is larger than 0 to infinity of times. Indeed, Hà Mã Tím feel very comfortable,…

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